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Jairah Funds currently support two projects in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A children's school and rehab center.

Children's School - Fathers Divine School

The school is based in the City of God which suffers from high levels of crime and broken families. The Fathers Divine School offers the children a safe place to learn and make friends. The school is led by Deusdette and her staff who are all passionate to provide a positive example to the children and give them a chance of a better future. Jairah Funds give regular monthly funds to help maintain the running of the school. In the past we have also helped the extension of a upper floor for the school that now provides shelter in the hot Brazilian summers.

Morada Crista Rehab Center

The Morada Crista Rehab center is also based in Rio and offers support to local people who are struggling with addictions and other difficult issues. The center is managed by Pastor Jose Neves, who alongside his dedicated team of staff provide the patients a plan to overcome their addictions and rebuild their lives. The Morada Crista also runs a number of workshops for the patients including crafts, gardening, bakery and painting. By attending these classes the patients can gain confidence and leave with new skills that they can use positively in the future. Jairah Funds give regular monthly funds to help maintain the running of the rehab center.

 Jairah Funds have a number of projects in the state of Orissa/Odisha, India that we are proud to support.  We partner with The Good Samaritans who manage the projects on the ground.  We keep in regular contact with the Project Manager, Winsor Daniel.  Every year Raggy travels to India to visit our projects and meet the people whose lives have been changed, for the better, through the projects.

 Rebuilding Homes

Our main project in Odisha is the rebuilding and repairing of houses destroyed in the tribal riots of 2008. We are working in many of the remotest villages in the state’s Kandhamal district and our ambition is to restore 1,000 homes.  It only costs £550 to rebuild a house in India, so every donation we receive for the project really does make a big difference!  Including our latest phase in 2019, a total of 171 houses have been rebuild in Kandhamal district.  

Water Wells    

An other project we support in Odisha is the construction of water wells for local communities.  The water wells are open to the entire village and the villagers are taught how to maintain the wells.  Once completed, the water wells provides the community better access to clean water and leaves them to focus on their education, employment and family life.  On average the construction of a water well costs £750 however that will vary depending on land, materials and climate. 

Sewing Center

Alongside The Good Samaritans we help fund sewing classes for local women.  These courses last 6 months and train the ladies in tailoring and embroidering skills.  Once they complete the course the local women will have the confidence to enter employment or start their own business to provide for their families.    

Odisha Lamps

We work with Fuel a Dream to distribute solar powered lamps to families in Odisha without electricity. Two lamps cost just £10 and last for 5 years. The lamps are very mobile and can easily be moved from room to room. There are so few homes with electricity in the area, we view this as a project which might never end.


North India

We are working with our partners, United Restoration Fellowship, to provide medical help, sewing centers and clothing for the poorest people in remote communities of Jammu and Kashmir. As well as practical support United Restoration Fellowship also run evangelism missions reaching rural villages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Since 2020 these communities have suffered great health worries and financial hardship caused by COVID pandemic and subsequent local lockdowns. With our partners we have helped distribute food packages and medical kits and also organise medical awareness camps to local people.Punjab We also support community development projects based in rural communities of Punjab state. With our partners we have established house rebuilding programmes, medical support and emergency relief..

Jairah Funds partners with IBCI College in Bolivia.   

The IBCI is a bible college that trains and equips local Christians in evangelism and bible teaching.  On average we make four donations to IBCI in a year, to help with the running of the college.

We keep in regular contact with Pastor Hugo Carrasco who helps manage the Bible college.  Despite having health problems since childhood, Pastor Hugo remains committed to serving God in Bolivia and when he isn't found at the bible college he is out leading evangelism in local communities in Bolivia. 

In May 2005 our founder, during an investigatory trip to Morocco, was struck by the immense poverty, particularly among people in remote villages. Their plight encouraged him to try to make a difference.

Subsequently, two low-cost houses have been acquired to provide accommodation for charity workers operating in the city of Fes. Their main role is to help – through the use of micro-finance – impoverished residents to establish small businesses or farm holdings. These will eventually lead them to becoming self-sufficient and, in turn, will also have a positive impact on the wider community.

One of our success stories in Morocco concerns a woman who had been involved in prostitution, but now has a small business making and selling costume jewellery and similar items.

During 2022, Jairah Funds have gave support to Ukraine emergency relief. Please can you add this text and photos in new project section. During 2022, Jairah Funds were able to provide emergency relief in Ukraine. With our partners based in Ukraine we were able to help local people affected by the war in Ukraine.

Since 2014 we have supported a boy’s safe house in Accra Ghana. We have raised funds for the purchase of bunkbeds, mattresses and mosquito nets for the boys. In 2022 we have been able to fund the building of a water pump that provides easier access to clean water for the boys and also the construction of a wall that was recently damaged. We are committed in our support for the safe house.

Jairah Funds has partnered with OM International to do social projects in Pakistan. We have put in water wells in remote villages, supported women's sewing projects and food distribution. These projects are open to the whole community.

During a trip to Egypt in 2018, Raggy met Nivaldo Silvia from Brazil who is now based in Cairo Egypt.  Nivaldo works among the poorest of the poor living in the garbage city settlement of Cairo.  Since then we have partnered with Nivaldo to help give a better standard of life to the people living in the garbage city as well as education of their local children.  We send regular support to Nivaldo every two months. During his trip to Egypt in 2018, Raggy was able to visit the famous Cave Churches in Cairo!

Jairah Funds have partnered with JAM UK to fund the construction of a water system at a children’s school based in Angola.  This project will directly benefit 220 primary school children.

This month (Oct 2021) we heard the great news that the water project was finally completed!  We were sent a message from school teacher, Mr Domingos thanking us and saying the water system will be a great help to the school.

The new water system will provide far more than access to drinking water; washing of children’s hands, water for cooking and cleaning of bathrooms and classrooms.  The children will no longer need to walk far distance to collect water.

Please see a selection of photos of our water system for primary school in Angola!

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