Before Jairah Funds became an official charity in August 2009 our founder, a Scottish businessman with an Indian heritage, had already spent a lot of time in India and places such as Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Southern Africa assisting, both financially and physically, various humanitarian purposes. Jairah Funds grew out of his vision and hope to provide more help and assistance to those very real needs that people are facing on a day-to-day basis in many countries.

The Jairah Funds Board is a group of people from many different backgrounds with many different qualifications enabling us to apply our knowledge and experience to the various aspects of the charity. They include a Businessman/Property Owner, a Medical Doctor, Two Insurance Executives, a Mother/Grandmother and an Audiologist.      

Our partners – in most cases NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) – are known to us and are right at the pulse of what is happening in the different countries and we at Jairah Funds do our best to raise the finance necessary for the projects.