africaImageOur longest-standing partnership is with the registered charity JAM (Joint Aid Management) which was started in the early 1980s by a South African husband and wife team, Peter and Ann Pretorius, when Peter, stranded without food or a change of clothing in a remote area of Mozambique, found himself at a food distribution centre that had no food, only 34,000 starving people. 

Peter spent the next 10 days helping to bury, in shallow trench graves, more than 300 starved and emancipated bodies – Broken by the reality of this extreme suffering, Peter resolved, there and then, to feed and help as many people as possible. Now, more than two decades later, JAM is making a daily difference to more than a million lives in seven African countries: Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan and Zimbabwe. 

Jairah Funds are proud to support the outstanding work that JAM does.