We are very pleased to be able to tell everyone about the stirling effort of a young – and generous – sponsor who took part in the Great Scottish Run here in Glasgow on 5 September 2010. Beth MacKinnon (age 9), our youngest and most enthusiastic fundraiser, completed the full 1.5km in the race and by doing so raised a sponsorship of more than £270.00 – all of which was sent to support the school for street children in the “favela” (shanty-town), “City of God” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

To add to the fun, Beth’s Mother designed and made a special T-shirt for Beth to wear which cleverly included our “Jairah Funds” logo.

On behalf of Jairah Funds, all the ladies who work at the school – and, of course, the children who are looked after so carefully at the school – THANK YOU, BETH.

Beth has been raising much more for the children in Brazil since then.

Recently she organized a garage sale and raised another £160. She’s so eager to go to Brazil herself to meet all the children. Beth got a big letter filled with individual drawings from the kids in Rio. She was over the moon.

The next photos are from Beth’s recent trip to Rio to visit the children herself. Beth did an enormous amount of fundraising which got all the children gifts and was able to pay for the school to have the roof lowered and pay for a fridge freezer, a new guest bed and other necessary items. The beauty about bringing gifts for the children was, that someone had stolen all the gifts, the kids were meant to get for Christmas but someone brought a word, saying, someone from the UK would come to replace their gifts – and so they did.